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Live Lounge Hazel O'Connor - Live Lounge 2020

Released: 18/11/2020
Cat Num: LLCD1120c
£14.99 (+ P & P)

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Hallelujah Moments Hazel O'Connor - Hallelujah Moments 2018

Released: 22/10/2018
Cat Num: HMCD1018
£15.99 (+ P & P)

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See You Again Hazel O'Connor - See You Again CD

Released: 2017
Cat Num: SYA0117
£15.99 (+ P & P)

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Breaking Glass Barefoot
The Autobiography

Hazel O'Connor - Breaking Glass Barefoot - 2012
Hazel O'Connor has loved
and been loved, but her generosity
and spirit of adventure have often
come back to bite her.

She would not have it any
other way. This is a story not just
of the music business, its intense
joys and spectacular lows: it is
the story of a beautiful teenage
runaway, a soldier's daughter who
fought her own battles and those
of people she cared for.

Breaking Glass Barefoot
The Autobiography
£27.50 (+ P & P)

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